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Cordless Indoor/Outdoor Power Scrubber


Q: Are replacement brushes available?
A: Yes, please call (858) 798-5190

Q: How long will the charge last during use?
A: It depends which brush is used, but average run time is 40- 60 minutes on one charge. The smaller the brush, the longer the run time.

Q: Can I use the scrubber on fiberglass or other plastic type surfaces?
A: We recommend doing a test spot in an inconspicuous/non-visible location first.

Q: What is the recommended cleaning procedure?
A: Cleaning processes vary but the following can be used a guide the tub, tile, shower, glass doors, etc.:

1) Use a pitcher or small bucket for pre-wetting and rinsing with water. The shower head can also be used for wetting the surface and rinsing.
2) Spray desired cleaner onto surface and let sit for a few minutes to help loosen buildup.
3) Begin power scrubbing. Note, the large rounded brush works well for large surfaces and slightly rounded inside corners. If some areas require addition cleaning, use the small flat brush for stubborn buildup and grout. The pointed brush works well for cleaning tight corners and the tracks for glass doors.
4) Rinse: Once clean, rinse using the water pitcher/bucket or shower head.
5) Clean brushes by rinsing with water. A mild soap and water can also be used if needed.
6) Wipe unit with dry cloth or towel. You may want to charge the unit again so it is ready for the next use.

Q: What type of cleaner can I use?
A: There are many types of cleaners depending on the surface and type of buildup you wish to clean. The scrubber can be used with all types of household cleaners. Be cautious when using cleaners that contain grit or pumice as it may scratch the surface.

Q: What other uses are there for the scrubber?
A: The power scrubber can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, tile floors, baseboards, auto (wheel rims, grill) and many other hard to clean areas. We recommend purchasing addition brushes so they can be kept separate.

Q: Can I get the Scrubber wet?
A: The scrubber is water resistant so the power head can be dipped in water (not submerged for a long period of time), but do not place the handle under the running water from the shower head. Use a towel to clean the handle and do not rinse under running water.